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Sitting down with Poppy at Coffee in the Park-Dolls Point

Sitting down with Poppy at Coffee in the Park-Dolls Point

Coffee In The Park is a café located in Dolls Point NSW, ideally situated near a beautiful park with a bike track nearby and several other park facilities. The café has a broad breakfast & lunch menu along with a selection of Café cuisine servings. It has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with the option of outdoor and indoor seating to enjoy the surrounding areas.

You can grab a coffee on the go or relax and enjoy it with a nice eggs benedict, smashed avocado on toast or pancakes. The cafe also serves burgers, a variety of salads and sandwiches which you can enjoy with a beverage from Steel City Beverages. Poppy & the Team are here to provide you with the best service. 

Poppy how long have you been involved with the business?

“I have been working at the café for 21 years and really enjoy seeing my regular customers and suppliers and maintaining those business relationships.”

How did you start working for the café? 

“I came in as a customer and thought I was overseas in Greece and a week later I was making coffees and serving customers.”

How did the business hear about Steel City Beverages? 

“Close to 15 years ago a representative from Steel City Beverages approached us one day and showed us the drinks range and we fell in love with the Kids Surprise 5 Toy drinks. Along with these we also stock a large variety of drinks supplied by them.”

What are the most popular Surprise 5 flavours?

“The Red (Raspberry) and Blue (Blueberry) are the most popular and best of all the kids love the idea of getting a toy surprise with a nice tasting kids juice.”

How do you best describe our service?

“Your Sales Rep Steve is very reliable and always willing to assist in any way he can and your delivery drivers are friendly and courteous. You also stock a large variety of beverages.”

Would you recommend Steel City Beverages to other businesses?

“With our long term association I would definitely recommend Steel City Beverages to anyone in need of a reliable Drinks Distributor."

Thank you!