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Cold Pressed Crude Juice Pack of 12 Glass Bottles (250ml )


Discover the ultimate solution to busy lifestyles, uninspiring produce, taste fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental concerns with Crude Juice! Our premium, Mediterranean-sourced ingredients ensure fresh and flavorful juice all year round, while our gentle cold-pressed process preserves maximum nutrients for optimal health benefits. Choose from a range of unique and delicious flavor combinations, and enjoy your juice on-the-go with our convenient and sustainable packaging.

Each carton contains 12 bottles (250 ml each), of nothing else, but zesty, energizing and tangy blends of the finest produce from the Mediterranean region.

Cold Pressed is the Superior Choice:

Cold-pressed juice is extracted using hydraulic pressure, which retains more nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins than centrifugal juicing methods. This means you can enjoy a more nutrient-dense and health-boosting beverage.


Size: 250ml

Carton Quantity: 12

Packaging: Glass Bottle

  • Made from fresh fruits and vegetables
  • No sugar added
  • No concentrate used (it is not a reconstituted juice)
  • No artificial colors or flavours used

There are 5 types of Crude Juice:

1. Apple / Beet / Carrot / Lemon / Ginger
Apple juice 76% / Beet Juice 10.5% / carrot Juice 10.5%/Lemmon Juice 1.5% / Ginger Juice 1.5%
2. Apple / Strawberry / Banana / Aronia
Apple juice 71% / strawberry juice 15% / banana pure 10% / aronia juice 4%
3. Apple / Plum / Strawberry/ Blackberry/ Aronia
Apple juice 61%/ plum juice 18%/ aronia juice 11% / strawberry juice 6% / black berry juice 4%
4. Apple / Strawberry / Banana
Apple juice 70% / strawberry juice 20% / Banana pure 10%
5. Apple / Tart Cherry / Mint
Apple juice 68% / Tart Cherry juice 30% / mint 2%

6. Squeezed Orange Juice

7. Cloudy Apple Juice