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Schweppes Traditional Flavours Pack of 24 Bottles (600ml)


Brand: Schweppes

Size: 600ml

Carton Quantity: 24

Packaging: PET Bottle

Schweppes Traditional Flavours in the 600ml bottle offers a ripper range of classic and fair dinkum fizzy drinks, carefully brewed to give you a refreshing and bonza trip down memory lane. This collection packs in all the top-notch flavours that have made Schweppes a legend, creating a true taste sensation with every sip.

Whether you knock it back on its own with a few cubes or mix it up to level up your cocktails and mocktails, Schweppes Traditional Flavours in the 600ml bottle serves up a premium and fair-dinkum drink experience. The bottle's ace size makes it your go-to for barbies, your personal sips, or whenever you're hanging out for that top-notch taste of Schweppes' legendary flavours.